Crystal Palace Catering | Budgeting
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Your wedding may quite possibly be the most lavish and costly party you will ever arrange. To help you with your budget for this special occasion, Crystal Palace Catering has provided you with a free Budget Planner to help plan your expenses for your wedding.

Other great budgeting tips

Consider getting married during off-peak wedding season. In Melbourne, most weddings are planned for the warmer seasons between November and March. During this period the prices are often higher for wedding services due to the higher demand. If you plan your wedding off-peak you will be able to negotiate a better deal with your service provider.

Save on decorations

Focus your attention on the more important aspects of the wedding. For example, the cake table does not have to be adorned with elaborate designs as the focus will be on the cake, not the table.

Another good idea is to use candles as centrepieces – they create a romantic ambience and they cost a fraction of the cost of fresh flowers. If you must have floral centrepieces make use of blooms that are in season, which your florist will be happy to assist you with.

Think twice about an open bar

We strongly advise you to avoid having an open bar and limit the alcohol served at your wedding. Although it is a celebration, guests who have had too much to drink run the risk of embarrassing you, themselves and in the process the memories of your special day. If you are adamant about having an open bar, limit the choices to two or three and steer well away from spirits and hard liquor.


Square invitations or invitations larger than a standard envelope incur a higher postage rate. Try to stick to standard sized envelopes!

Kids menus

A complete wedding banquet menu is often far too much for a small child, so it’s a good idea to inquire with your caterer about the menu options for children.