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Once the guest list for your special day has been finalised, the next task is to organise your invitations.

Here are a few tips to make it easier to organise and send out your wedding invitations:

  • The invitations should be sent out by the Bride and Groom, though traditionally this was the responsibility of the Bride’s parents
  • Wedding invitations should be ordered at least eight weeks prior to the date that you want to send them out
  • In general invitations should be sent out between six to eight weeks before the big day. This gives your guests time to RSVP and make necessary arrangements. Usually you should ask for RSVPs four weeks prior to the event. If you are having Asian guests, it may be a little difficult to receive some RSVPs, especially from friends of your parents and the preceding generation. Attendance confirmation is very important in order for you to organise seating requirements. If you explain this to your parents, they will understand.
  • Invitations should also be sent to the whole bridal party and as good etiquette, invitations should also be sent to the parents of the Bride and Groom and the Celebrant
  • Always order more invitations and envelopes than needed to allow for mistakes in addressing any extra last minute guests
  • Have a family member or friend read through a draft of the invitation before having it finalised and printed
  • Invitations should be worded according to the formality of the wedding and the nature of the Bride and Groom’s relationship with the guest
  • Don’t forget to mention the style of dress suitable for the special occasion
  • Invitations are a way for you to convey the style of your wedding and give your guests an impression of the event. Therefore, it’s important that the stationary you use reflects the style and theme of the day as well


Choosing the right stationery for your wedding invitation can be difficult so before you begin, it’s helpful to decide on the style, theme and colour of the invitation, keeping in mind that the invitation sets the tone for the rest of the wedding.


There are many styles of invitations that you can choose from, as you are only limited by your imagination. Here are a few things to consider with your decision:

  • The size and weight of the invitation and the envelope – keep in mind that square invitations are considered a ‘non standard’ size and therefore attract a higher postage rate, as do larger envelopes and heavier items
  • The style of the invitation – overly elaborate invitations are more likely to get damaged in the post. If you are planning to send fancy, elaborately designed invitations, it’s a good idea to request that they not be put through the franking machine
  • Choose invitations that reflect the style of the wedding – for instance, professionally printed, elegant invitations for formal grand weddings, simple and personal invitations for intimate affairs
  • If languages other than English are required – make sure the printer can accommodate the typography, and have someone else write or read the wording if you are unable to do so


Many couples choose to incorporate a theme into their decorations and invitations. For example, invitations for a beach wedding may be decorated with seashells and starfish. There are many themes to choose from and these can be incorporated into the envelopes, place cards, menus and even thank you cards with stickers, studs, balloons, ribbons and paper.


When choosing a theme it’s important to choose a colour that will compliment the theme. Try to incorporate the colours of the bridesmaid’s dresses or the bouquet into the invitations, either through coloured paper and invitations or through ribbons and bows for a simple yet stylish effect.

If you are having trouble deciding on a colour theme for the big day, go with the classic choices such as cream and gold or white and silver, and incorporate this theme into your table decorations and settings.