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Wedding Cakes

The wedding cake is usually one of the first things that your guests will admire upon their arrival at the reception centre. The design of your wedding cake should reflect your tastes and also compliment your food. There is no point in having a cake that is nice to look at, yet disagreeable on the palate. Popular wedding cake choices are chocolate mud cake, carrot cake, the traditional fruitcake, tortes and even cheesecake.

Wedding cakes can be made into all different shapes and sizes. You may opt for a tiered wedding cake, with each tier made up of a different flavoured cake for variety.

These days, it is not uncommon to see extravagant designs comprising of ornamental stands and bridges, running fountains and dry ice smoke effects. Your cake designer will be able to give you some ideas and offer suggestions as to what you can do with regards to your wedding cake.

Wedding cakes should be ordered at least two months prior to the wedding. Before meeting with your cake designer, it’s a good idea to have a look through wedding magazines to find a few designs that you like. Your cake designer should also have an album of designs that peruse to get an idea of what you would like. At your first meeting with your cake designer, it’s important that you discuss any themes or colours that you have chosen to incorporate into your wedding, so that these ideas can be incorporated into your cake design.

Wedding cakes can range from a few hundred dollars, to thousands of dollars for the more intricate and elaborate designs. You should also have an approximate number of guests who will be attending the wedding, to help you and your cake designer fashion a cake that is large enough to feed everyone. It’s not recommended that you decorate your cake with fresh flowers, as these can sometimes be sprayed with unwanted chemicals. A sugar paste alternative is a safer and tastier option.

Before deciding on the flavour of cake that you would like, ask your cake designer for a taste test. There are many different flavours out there, and the only way that you’re going to find the right one for you is to try out the different varieties. If you would like to keep the top tier of your wedding cake, ask your cake designer which flavours will be suitable. Traditionally, the top layer was a rich fruitcake and was kept by the Bride and Groom to enjoy on their first anniversary together.

Before signing any contracts with your cake designer, make sure that you have a design that you are truly happy with. You only get the chance to do this once so make sure it’s what you really want! Ask your cake designer about delivery arrangements for the cake. It’s advisable that you leave the delivery of the cake to the professionals – you don’t want to ruin the cake on the way to the reception. Also, check with the cake designer as to what the requirements are with the props. That is, what does cake designer want to do with the cake props at the end of the evening – can you leave them for pick up later, or do you have to return them yourself?

Once the cake arrives at the reception venue it is set up on the cake table, which is usually decorated with flowers and ribbons and champagne flutes for toasting. For decorative and traditional purposes, the flutes are sometimes coloured with a blue drink for the Groom and the red for the Bride. Cake servers and knives should be brought out before the cake is cut. The cake is usually cut after the toasts have been made, the banquet has been served, and before the couple take their first dance together as husband and wife.