Crystal Palace Catering | Services
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At Crystal Palace Catering, this is what you can expect:

Personal, friendly service is what you can expect at Crystal Palace Catering. Quality catering does not end with good food. Service is of vital importance and the staff at Crystal Palace Catering understand this. We believe that because it is your special day, you and your guests should be spoiled.

Pre Dinners

Weddings can often take up a full day. Let our friendly staff at Crystal Palace Catering welcome your guests with a smile and helping hand, while providing them with canapes and cold drinks to kick off the evening.

Professional Waiters & Chefs

Our team of professional food servers will provide you and your guests with a memorable evening. Every single member is properly trained to be polite, courteous and helpful.

Our team of chefs and food preparers work in a professional manner and have had extensive years of experience. Our refined processes means you will have consistency every time.

Help with choosing the right venue

How do you find the right place for that special occasion? Choosing a venue can be an overwhelming task. Crystal Palace Catering currently caters at over 40 different reception centres in Melbourne. We have established good working relationships and have earned exclusive catering rights at some of the top class receptions centres and government buildings in Melbourne.

Locking in that Place

Our expert knowledge makes it possible for us to inform and advise on the most suitable venue taking into account: region, capacity, price and other general information that is specific to you.

A full comprehensive directory of different reception centres located in each region is available. Alternatively, we may also be able to cater at your preferred venue.

Please contact us for a listing of available and suitable reception centres in your desired area. You are welcome to inspect them at your leisure.